5 Best Photography Apps.

Wow can you believe it’s 2016? The first post of 2016 is one I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now. These are my favourite apps to edit my photos with or post my pictures on! One of my resolutions is to take more pictures so I thought this post would be appropriate. 
Let me know if you use any of these apps or have any suggestions for me!

1. Instagram 

One of my own personal favourite apps and one that is extremely popular. Instagram is a great way to show snippets of your life through photos. I prefer Instagram over Twitter and Facebook because it is much more visual. 
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2. Afterlight


Afterlight is a photo editing app. I much prefer it’s filters and effects because you can intensify as much as you wish. 

3. Font Candy 

Font Candy is a great way of adding text to a picture. I use it to add text to birthday collages or to promote my blog. 

4. Layout 

Another app I use for birthdays is Layout. The app was designed in association with Instagram so you can access it through Instagram. It’s a great way to change up photos or add a different dimension.  

5. Whitagram

Whitagram is an app that lets you put borders on your pictures. I love it because it emphasises the focal point of the photo.  Plus it’s free in the app store!

I hope you liked this post it’s a little different from my usual posts! Let me know if you liked it!
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Review | Bare Minerals Precious Gems

The last review of 2015 is here and oh boy it’s a good one. Santa, family and friends have been very good to me this Christmas and I received this as a present from a friend.  

The three precious gems are called Pink Passion, Plumberry Pop and Nude Passion. The three are lip balms made of oil. Usually I’m not a fan of balms because although hydrating the colour is usually crap but I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented the colour was.

Plumberry Pop

Nude Passion

Pink Passion

  The Swatch


These are what the balms are like applied to skin. The Nude Passion is a great lip colour for an everyday look and the Plumberry Pop is my favourite colour because you can apply it lightly or heavily for a day or nighttime look.

Have you tried these oil lip balms? Let me know if you like them in the comments.
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