April Wishlist 2015



1.  Coco Earrings

I have been looking for these earrings since I saw Rihanna wearing them. I love how it’s a twist on a classic look. I can’t wait to get these earrings and I’ll be buying them from Irish website Glitz and Pieces. For €13 they’re a steal!


2. Colour block cami

Monochrome is one of those trends that never seems to completely disappear. I love this tank top from River Island because  it is one of those tops that you could turn from a day to a night look.  For €25 you could look trés chic.


3.  Baby Blue Skirt

I love this baby blue skirt that I found on Asos. The colour is really summery and bright! The skirt is €38.35


4.  Urban Decay Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm

As the summer approaches I like wearing beauty balms instead of foundation every day. The balm has SPF 20 in it so it’ll protect your skin from the sun and protect me from getting too many freckles!!! You can add it to your foundation to make it more dewy. I’m looking forward to trying it out! You can find in any Debenhams shop with an Urban Decay stand for €30


5.  PS Love This – Brush Cleaner

A friend of mine told me about this brush cleaner and I’m ridiculously excited to try it. Two things majorly stand out, number one the price and number two the quality. For such a cheap price if it doesn’t live to the hype it won’t break the bank! It’s really important to clean your brushes as your brush picks up bacteria, oil and dirt! Cleaning your brushes can prevent breakouts, pink eye and viral infections that can do serious permanent damage!

This brush cleaner is available in Penneys/Primark for €2 !

6.  Chaos and the Calm – James Bay

I REALLY like the song Hold Back The River, so much so that I have it playing on my Spotify on repeat. I’m going to buy the album soon enough and knowing me I’ll be addicted soon enough.

So that’s my April Wish List guys! If you buy any of these products let me know if you like them by tagging me on instagram @yabighamya !
Until next time,
Cait xo
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