The Student Shopping Survival Guide.

As Dolly Parton once said “it takes a lot of money to look this good” maybe thats not quite right oh what is it? look this cheap? Whatever, all I know is that is really does take a lot of money to look good. Student life for most students is trying to decide what to spend money on. Battle of the food vs night out with the gals begins.

I LOVE shopping and I take any chance to run to the nearest Penneys, H&M or River Island. Unfortunately, when I get to the shops reality hits. Do I really want to spend €35 on a colour block top? The Answer NO, but will I, probably.

So, these are my student shopping survival guide tips. Remember stay savvy.

1. Unidays


Unidays is every students haven. It has discount codes for hundreds of shops. All you have to do is sign up and register what college you attend! Unfortunately you can only get one code a day 🙁 However, shop close to midnight and you’ll have a new code soon after!

2. Depop

Depop is amazing for selling your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories. I heard when about the app when I saw fellow bloggers using it. It’s a great way to sell clothes that you wanted to return but lost the receipt or even christmas presents that don’t fit (cheeky I know)

I love scanning through the app when I have a few €€€. You can download the app free from the app store!

My depop name is @meiscait <3

Mine ^  (don’t judge the photo)

3. Student Card

Every student owns a student card. Use it. It gets you discounts everywhere and they really come in handy.

4. Vintage Markets

Since I commute between Dublin (home) and Galway (college). I decided to share the two vintage markets I know.

Dublin Flea Market


I was lucky enough to find this gem when my dad had a stand selling bikes here. I would go around on my ‘break’ and find little purses and t-shirts that were homemade or one off. I really loved the idea of finding one off pieces and I wasn’t paying a fortune for it. The flea market is on the last Sunday of every month. Even if you just go once you’ll be sure to find something.


Galway – Flea Style Market


I saw the Galway flea style market on Facebook. I trolled through the Facebook page first and what I saw I really like. They keep the page updated regularly and do give aways. They also post some of the quirky items they sell. I’d recommend checking this place out! Check out dates on their Facebook page!


5. Become a Hawk.


Hawk  ^

Not literally but do follow your favourite shops on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Then, when they are offering 20% discounts you can snap them up straight away.

Remember kids, stay savvy.
Best of luck,
Caitríona out -mic drop-  xo
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