Beauty hacks that will change your life .

Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo is amazing when you don’t have time to wash your hair but did you know you can save a whole five minutes if you pop it in your hair the night before? Just spray it in your hair and let it set over night. Then you’ll wake with a lovely clean hair!



Toothbrushes are great for obvious reasons but did you know they could keep your lips smooth too?
Simply grab a clean spare toothbrush and brush it in the circular motions across your lips. It gets rid of dry skin.

Homemade Lip Scrub


I’ve made this scrub a few times and it lasts a good while. Mix brown sugar or any sugar that you have in the press (as long as it’s granulated) with honey. Plop it into a small jar or cup and rub it onto your lips. I pop mine in the fridge to keep it fresh!

Peach shade concealer


As a pale gal you can instantly pick out when I have blemishes or if I haven’t slept a wink! For years I used only concealer that matched my skin that is until recently. I bought a peach based concealer and popped it under my eyes. Voila, my suitcases dimmed and I looked more awake.

The Gun

Has anyone ever pointed out that you have lipstick on your teeth (guilty). Never let anyone point it out again with this weapon. Make an ‘o’ shape with your lips and putting your index finger in your mouth then pulling it out. You’ll notices your hand is making a shape like a gun and you can bet you won’t have lippy on your teeth.

The Black Stuff

Guinness makes your hair darker. I wrote a full review about this here:

Vaseline as a highlighter !

Dab a little vaseline onto the tops of your cheeks and boom you have a lovely healthy glow! Handy for when you don’t have a highlighter in your handbag or for the natural look 🙂

Hairspray is not only for your mane


Grab your spooly and spritz a little of your hairspray on it. Then brush it through your brows and they’ll stay in place all day.


So there you have it my beauty hacks,
Until next Wednesday! Lots of love,
Caitríona x