3 top tips to make your blemishes disappear!


We all have our bad skin days and even when we do everything we’re told, sometimes a spot appears  🙁 Nothing is worse then when a big event is coming up or even a Saturday night out and you have a mini monster on your face.

So here are my top tips on how you can make your blemishes disappear.

1. Prime


Dab a little eye-shadow primer on your spot before popping concealer on top. Your concealer won’t budge all day or night. I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion!

2. Distract


Usually when I get spots it’s on my chin. So I put some red lippy on or create a dramatic smokey eye to take the attention away! Instead of focusing on your spot draw the eye to your colorful lips 🙂

3. Banish the shadow


Picture –  topinaction.com

If your spot is raised dab a little concealer a shade lighter then your foundation underneath. When a spot is raised it’s usually really noticeable because it creates a shadow. The concealer takes the attention away.

Bonus tip – Use a creamy concealer paired with a pointy concealer brush to cover all angles.

So these are my secrets to making blemishes disappear! Comment below if they worked for you 🙂
Until next time, happy reading and drink plenty of tea,
Cait xx