5 Ways to Make a College Room Feel Like Home.



This time two years ago I was starting my first year in NUIG aka National University of Ireland Galway and I really had no clue what to bring. Two years on, I’m going into my third year of college and I have picked up some tips and tricks on the way. Often enough college accommodation can be bleak and basic. So, for the freshers who are embarking on your first year of college or the returning students, here are some of my tips and tricks on how to make your college accommodation feel like home!

1. Candles



I LOVE candles. They smell amazing and for the most part they cost very little. I picked up these candles in ikea. Candles can be placed anywhere and come in different sizes to suit any room. I really like the candles pictured above because they look unique.

2. Pictures


What better way to remind you of home then having your nearest and dearest on display. I love hanging up pictures on the wall to remind me of fun and good times. However, you can’t always hang thing up on the wall because it can be damaged. So buy some quirky frames and pop your pictures inside. You can place them on your bedside table or on your desk.

Tiger have some great frames I’ve linked the website below so you can find the nearest shop!


3. Colourful Duvet Covers



Penneys have a great homeware section so I’m always picking up affordable duvet sets. Buying bright colours makes the room brighter. Your bed is usually the main focus of the room so why not make it stand out. The duvet set above is from Penneys last year homeware collection!


4. Cushions



Another thing to add to your bed is cushions. They come in all shapes and sizes and can really add personality to your room. I love pugs so I’m fond of my pug cushion! The cushions above are all from Penneys and I have picked them up over the years so I doubt they’re still in stock!


5. Fairy Lights



 Fairy lights are not for everyone but I think they can add to a room. These bad boys are from ikea and I wrap them around my bed!
I thought I’d give you an example of it all together! My room last room last year 🙂

Until my next post,

happy reading & tea drinking,
Caitríona x