Hey shorty it’s the short list….

I really have no words for how happy I am to be shortlisted for The Blog Award Ireland. To be writing that I am included in the best beauty category is surreal. Especially considering Make Up Don’t Fake Up is less than a year old.
Firstly I’m writing this post to say a massive thank you to anyone who reads my scribbles, comments, or shares. To whomever nominated me in the first place, you really are the best. Secondly I need to ask one more favour. To become a finalist in The Blog Awards I need your help.
“The public vote is only worth 30% of the  overall mark. All shortlisted blogs will also be judged again by our panel of public judge which is worth 70% of the mark. Blog HQ will combine the public vote mark and the judge’s mark to arrive at a total mark. From this our finalist list will be decided.” – Blog Awards Ireland.
As you can see  30% of the overall score is up to a public vote. This is a huge percentage of the deciding factor and I would really truly deeply be grateful if you voted for me. It is an understatement  to say how happy I am to have gone this far and if I could go further it would mean the world to me. The button on the top right corner of the blog leads you to where you can vote for me or follow the link below. It will be there for two weeks only and that is when voting finishes!
Until Wednesday,
happy reading and tea drinking,
Cait x