Halloween | Leopard Tutorial.



Hello! This week’s post is another halloween look that you can create with things you’ll find in your make up bag. I love that you can create a look without spending a fortune on products. My lovely pal Eilín sat as my model and I’ll show you how you can create this look with these simple steps!


I started with the eye look because I find dealing with fall out difficult if I’ve already applied foundation!
1. I applied a burnt orange into Eilín’s crease. Make sure you really blend out this colour because it’s strong and nothing is worse then unblended eyeshadow.
2. I popped Bikini Tini a Benefit cream eyeshadow on the lid!
3. I then took a matt colour brown and applied it on top to soften how glittery the cream shadow was.
4. Using Inglot’s AMC eyeliner gel I drew a strong line from the inner corner of the eye to just before the eyebrow!
5. Now to the fun part! Using the same gel I created small circles that don’t quite meet. Make them as rough or blurred as possible to create the Leopard look. Then I popped ARTDECO all in one mascara (which is amazing).


6. When I finished the eye look I blended Dermablend’s Face & Body foundation into Eilín’s skin using a stippling brush. Then I concealed using ARTDECO’s Perfect Stick!
7. I filled Eilín’s brows using Milani’s eyebrow brush. Using a gel liner again I drew a heart shaped nose and drew a line down her cupid’s bow to the lip. Using a small slight brush I dotted the liner above her lips. Then I filled Eilín’s lips with PS I Love Lipliner in Red and a matte lip laquer from W7. I then joined the line from Eilín’s cupid bow and her top lip.
8. Grabbling Hoola, a matte bronzer by Benefit, I contoured in a downward three shape along the jaw. I also contoured down the sides of her nose to make the nose slighter. Taking my favourite highlighter, Soft & Gentle by MAC, I highlighted across the top of Eilín cheek and the bridge of her nose.
9. To finish the look, I extended the Leopard print above the eyebrow.
10. I repeated the same Leopard print on the other side.





So thats it for this week’s post! Until next week,
happy reading & tea drinking,

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