Review | Bare Minerals Precious Gems

The last review of 2015 is here and oh boy it’s a good one. Santa, family and friends have been very good to me this Christmas and I received this as a present from a friend.  

The three precious gems are called Pink Passion, Plumberry Pop and Nude Passion. The three are lip balms made of oil. Usually I’m not a fan of balms because although hydrating the colour is usually crap but I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented the colour was.

Plumberry Pop

Nude Passion

Pink Passion

  The Swatch


These are what the balms are like applied to skin. The Nude Passion is a great lip colour for an everyday look and the Plumberry Pop is my favourite colour because you can apply it lightly or heavily for a day or nighttime look.

Have you tried these oil lip balms? Let me know if you like them in the comments.
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Tutorial | Christmas Make Up featuring video

This weeks blog post is a Christmas make up tutorial I did for Róisín, TG4. To help get into the festive spirit I’ve created a party look that will see you through the festive season. The video is through  Irish ( my first language) so I’ve written the steps in English below!   
Step 1 
First things first apply a primer all of the face. I used Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer.

Step 2


I applied the foundation Vichy Dermablend and concealed with L’Oreal Miracle Blur and blended with a beauty blender.

Step 3


I contoured under Eilín’s jaw, her forehead and the bridge of the nose with NYX’s Wonder Stick.

Step 4

With the same Wonder Stick I highlighted under Eilín’s eyes in a upside down shape and blended the contour and highlight with a beauty blender.

Step 5

I patted Urban Decay’s eye primer potion before I applied the W.O.S from the Naked Basics Palette as a base.

Step 6

Using my current favorite eyeliner, Milani Eye Tech Perfection in black i drew a thick line of liner from the inner corner and stopped before the end of the brow.

Step 7

Using Barry M’s gel liner in silver I carefully drew a thin line above the original eyeliner to make it pop. I used a very thin brush doing this.

Step 8

I lined the lips using PS Love lip liner in a plum shade. Lip liner is great for making sure your lipstick doesn’t bleed and if you want to enhance your lips it certainly helps.

Step 9

I then applied a lip lacquer from New look all over the lips.

Step 10

Apply highlighter and translucent powder to finish off the look!

The final look

Video Tutorial 

You’ll look so fab you’ll want to do this <3


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Product List

Primer : Rimmel Fix & Perfect €8.99
Foundation: Vichy Dermablend €21.99
Concealer : L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Concealer Corrector €9.99
Contour  : NYX Wonderstick €14
Highlight: NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator €10
Powder : ELF High Definition Powder €5.55
Urban Decay Primer Potion :€27
Black Eyeliner: L’oreal Super Liner €9.99
Silver eyeliner : Waterproof Gel Eyeliner by Barry M no.3 €7.99
Mascara: Urban Decay Perversion €22
Brows : NYX Tame & Frame 02 Chocolate €7.75
Lashes: Haute Couture €6.49
Lipliner : PS Love Lipliner €1.50

Lipstick : New Look €6




5 lip products that will make you want to do this. 


1. Forever Aloe Lips 

Forever Aloe Lips |  €3.75 

2.  Penneys PS Love Lip Liner

 Penneys PS Love Lip Liner | €1.50

3. W7 Mega Matte Lips

W7 Mega Matte Lips | €2.79

4. Lipcote

Courtesy of

5. Seventeen All Out Pout Lip Palette Woo Me

Courtesy of

 Seventeen All Out Pout Lip Palette Woo Me | €4.55


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5 Stocking Fillers Under €20!

Last week’s post was The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2015. So, this week I’ve decided to write about the perfect stocking fillers for different friends we all seem to have! 

The Party Animal


We all have that one friend who is always ready to go. Coming into party season why not help her get into the season with a glam kit. I like this St. Tropez Express Party Cracker because it’s a thoughtful and a useful gift. The packaging is lovely and adds to the Christmas theme.


                       €14.50 |

The Selfie Addict

selfie photo: Selfie At Oscars oscars.gif

You’ll usually find this friend looking for some ‘good’ lighting or pulling a pout into the lens of a camera. We’re all guilty of taking selfies (I know I am) but for the friend who is addicted to Instagram this fish eye lens will make your everyday photo look interesting. 

The Friend who is ALWAYS cold

Constantly complaining about how cold it is but never seems to have a scarf or hat or gloves with them. Not only is it thoughtful but you’ll be seen as a hero.

The Beauty Babe

Always on top of the next beauty trend and is full of endless beauty hacks. This friend is always on hand with beauty advice so why not buy her something for her collection. She’ll thank you for it!

€19 | Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss

Nail Art Junkie

#notd or #nailartjunkie are one of the many hashtags you’ll see on this gals Instagram posts. 

Breaking a nail is a disaster not to mention if she can’t get her usual nail appointment! So pop this present in and she’ll be bang on trend!

Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit | €11.75

I hope you liked this post! Let me know in the comments if you’ve bought any of these stocking fillers or if you found them useful!

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