5 Disappointing Beauty Products

We’ve all been there, bought into the hype and purchased a product. Then being totally disappointed and annoyed that you’ve wasted money on something you’ll never use again.

FEAR NOT, I’m here for you!

Rimmel Wonder’lash
Photo courtesy of Rimmel
I really liked the packaging on this particular product and I made the common mistake ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The mascara doesn’t give any volume and therefore isn’t as wonderful as it seems.
Benefit Browzings
Photo courtesy of Sephora.com
I’m very torn about this product. The main factor for me not liking it is the fact I think it’s overpriced. I think overall you could find a product that is a lot cheaper and create the same look.
Inglot Concealer
Photo courtesy of beautylish.com
Overall as a brand I like Inglot. Their eyeshadow and pigments are top notch but when it comes to their concealer it’s disappointing. Asking a friend why she didn’t like it she replied, it creases under the eyes and has no staying power.
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
Courtesy of McCabes Pharmacy
When I first heard about this I was excited because it’s not meant to chip for 14 days.  Spoiler, it lasted 2.
Nars illuminator in Orgasm
VERY very unpopular opinion. Some people are in love with this product while others, like myself, are not majorly impressed. Maybe it’s the fact I have pale skin and that I don’t think it suits my tone but I won’t be repurchasing.

Happy reading & tea drinking,

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