Support Irish – The Best Irish Beauty Products

I’m always on the lookout for new and up and coming beauty products, especially Irish products. Ireland is a small country and so I think it’s important to support homegrown products. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Irish Beauty Products. 

Cocoa Brown 


Some of you may know I’m not a huge fake tan user. However, when I’m craving  that summer glow I opted for Cocoa Brown. Cocoa Brown was created in 2012 by Marissa Carter. CB started off with just one product, a 1 hour tan and now has 8 products. I really like the ‘Tough Stuff’ exfoliator and ‘1 hour tan mousse’.

I buy CB in Penneys/Primark but they are stocked in most pharmacies around the country.

Price €7.99

Blank Canvas

Courtesy of Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas are an Irish based affordable cosmetic brand. They sell high quality brushes, contour palettes and much more. I really like the brand because of their brushes and to me they are on the same level as Sigma.  The brush pictured above is the F15 small contour brush, I love it for setting concealer under the eye. 

Price €14.99


Courtesy of

Nía uses only natural products mainly aloe vera, coconut milk, acai berry & almond oil. One of my favourite products from Nía is their Intensive Restoring Facial Hydrating Mist. I have dry skin so I’m not particularly fond of toners, instead I use this mist.

Price €19.95

Fuschia Make Up

Courtesy of
Fuschia have a great range of products. I like their Mineral Photo Touch Foundation usually I don’t spend over €20 on foundations unless it’s MAC or NARS however this is worth the money.
Price : €31.95

                                If you have any recommendations please comment below!

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When does your make up expire?

Did you know your make up can expire?  One thing I’ve noticed over the years of applying make up is I constantly forget to throw out old make up and instantly regret it. Make up like any food or drink goes off. So I’ve put together a list and tip and tricks to remember when to throw out that flaky mascara or that gooey foundation.

I can’t empathize how important it is to keep an eye on a date. Expired make up can cause breakouts, and can lead to inflammation aka redness, bumps , a rash, blisters and swelling!

                  Aint nobody got time for that. photo Aintnobodygotnotimeforthat.gif

Another trick I have picked up is checking the little tub that you see on the back of most makeup products. The figure means the amount of months the product is ok to use from the time it is opened.

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Blog Awards 2015 – Bronze Winner

The Venue

The night was held in the Tivoli Theatre. 
Courtesy of Blog Awards Ireland Facebook

The Presenters 

Claire Cullen, pictured below, and Darragh Doyle presented the night! They did a great job and gave a great shout out to the Irish Blogger facebook group!

The Food.

There was so much choice but I decided to eat some Home Fries. The lovely girls at Boohoo gave out sweets!

What I wore.

I bought a lovely dress in TK Maxx and I thought it went well with the theme! My hair was done by the lovely Maria in Annette’s Hairdressers in Galway city.

We won BRONZE 

Not only was the night amazing but we came home with a title ourselves. Make Up Don’t Fake Up is officially a bronze winner in the best beauty blog category!! WOOO 🙂

Thanks to everyone who voted for my blog this is an unbelieveable achievement and I’m ECSTATIC !

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Halloween | Deer


Oh deer. Halloween is fast approaching, in fact it’s this weekend and you still haven’t got a costume. Worry not, make up don’t fake up is coming to your rescue.

Pinterest is brimming with tutorials on how to become a deer. I took some inspiration and created this look on a good friend of mine Becky! So, show your inner bambai and follow these simple steps.





1. Follow your normal foundation routine and don’t forget to apply that important primer so you’re face stays intact all night!

2  I highlighted under Becky’s eyes, her forehead, along the bridge of her nose, her chin and along the jaw. I used NYX’s Wonder Stick in Fair to Medium.

3. I then went on to contour using the other end of the Wonder Stick. I wanted to do an exaggerated contour to create the heart shape face of the Deer. Using a beauty blender I blended it out as well as I could.

4. I used NYX’s Eyeshadow Crayon in milk, in the waterline.

5.  I extended the milk coloured crayon to beneath the lash line. Then taking a brown eye liner I drew a straight line from the beginning inner corner of the eye and followed the curve of my eye and fanned it out.

6 .  Using the brown eye liner I drew a line from the eyebrows down the bridge of the nose to create a small nose.

7.  Taking Hoola a matte bronzer from Benefit. Taking a fluffy brush I enhanced the cream contour from before.


8. Taking the same NYX Crayon I dotted along the cheek bones and the centre of the forehead.

9. To finish I applied the MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Creme Cup.



I hope you enjoyed the last of the Halloween posts. Do take a look at other Halloween posts like this Grayscale Tutorial or Leopard Tutorial.

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Product List

NYX Wonder Stick – Fair – Medium
Beauty Blender
Rimmel Brown Eyeliner
NYX Brown Gel Liner
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
Hoola Benefit
NYX Eyeshadow Crayon – Milk
MAC Cosmetics Creme Cup
Elf Translucent Powder

Halloween | Grayscale Tutorial

I don’t know about you but I love 1920’s era. The style, the make up, whats not to love. So I decided that I’d do a Halloween tutorial that isn’t that common. I wanted to look like I walked out of a black & white photo.

Follow these steps to look like you walked out of a black & white movie.

1. Make sure you moisturize your face because face paint is quite drying. I also popped Benefit’s Porefessional to make sure my skin was smooth and even.

2. I then took a grey face paint and applied it all over my face making sure that all your flesh colored skin is covered.

3. Blend EVERYTHING with a beauty blender. Can’t emphasize how important it is to blend so you don’t ruin the illusion!

4.   With a fluffy eyeshadow brush I took a black eyeshadow and blended it into the crease.

5. Using the same black eyeshadow I filled in my eyebrows.

6.  I then applied a thick cat eye. Starting it at the very start of the inner corner to the end of my brow.

7. I didn’t want any flesh showing so I made sure I applied black liner to my bottom lash too.


8. Using the same black eyeshadow I contoured under my cheekbone with a fluffy brush and blended it as much as I could. As careful as I could, I also contoured along the bridge of the nose and blended with an eyeshadow brush. I contoured because I wanted to define my face more!

9. Last but not least I added black lipstick to give the illusion of lipstick in a photograph!

There we have it! I loved creating this look on myself and I’d love to see any of your recreations do tag me on Instagram @makeupdontfakeup or on  Facebook
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Product List

Clinque’s Moisture Surge
Benefit Porefessional
Diamond FX Face Paint in Grey
Crave – Naked Basics (Black Eyeshadow)
Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner
Elf Gel liner (waterline only)
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Halloween | Hippy Tutorial

Hello hello! This weeks post is how to spread peace and love. Sorry, I couldn’t help it haha. As halloween nears I find it hard to decide what I want to be so I’ll continue searching but for those who have decided to become a hippy, well, you’ve come to the right place. Follow the instructions below to look as groovy as our model, Sorcha. Doesn’t she look psychedelic?

1. Prime the eyes with your primer of choice. I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion!
2. Using NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk. This is a great way to make bright colours pop because the white helps the colour on top.
3. I then applied a lilac shade. Iused Bougainvillea from the Eyebook 2011.
4. Using the fluffiest eyeshadow brush I blended a plum eyeshadow called gothic grape from the same pallette into the crease.
5. I patted the MAC pigment Push The Edge all over the lid. After, I patted the MAC pigment Vanilla in the inner corner of the eye and under the brow.

6. I applied Rimmel’s Fix & Perfect Primer all over the face. Using a kabuki brush from my Jessup set, I patted Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation. I set her foundation using ELF’s HD Translucent Powder.
7. I highlighted Sorcha’s cheekbone, her cupid’s bow and the bridge of her nose. Taking my favourite matte bronzer Hoola by Benefit, I contoured in a three motion from her forehead to under her cheekbone and lastly under her jaw line.
8. I didn’t want too much fall out so I applied the lower lash line shadow after applying foundation. I took the same plum colour that I blended into the crease and applied it underneath the lower lash line.
9. I couldn’t complete the eye look without a feline flick using Milani’s Eye Tech Perfection Liner. I then flicked a layer of L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara on.
10. To my favourite part of the tutorial. Using coloured PS I love you lipliner in plum, red and pink and the NYX eyeshadow crayon from earlier I started to draw flowers and colourful dots on the side of Sorcha’s face. I think the flowers and dots really add to the look. Who doesn’t love flower power <3


11. Last but not least I applied a W7’s Mega Matte Lips in Sinful on Sorcha’s Lips.



So thats it for this weeks post. I hope you enjoyed it!
Remember keep the peace & spread the love,
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