The Dubai Diaries – Travel Guide.

Hey guys! So I decided to show you a few places of where I visited, where I stayed and the lovely places I ate.

How I got there:I flew with Emirates Airlines. The flight lasted around eight hours and even though we were delayed there was so many new movies and Tv shows that the flight went pretty fast. Plus we had free wifi so I could check my Facebook between movies.

We flew economy but luckily we got upgraded to the exit  row seats, so we had a ton of extra foot room. On the way back we had normal seats and they were spacious enough too.

The air hostesses were lovely and really helpful!

Where I stayed: The Hilton The Walk Jumeriah Beach

My bedroom :


 Instead of naming a long list of restaurants I’ll name my favourite place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: Le Pain Quotiden

We went here on the second day for our trip. The cafe is based in an area called ‘the walk’. This was a short walk from my hotel and I’m really glad we found this place. My dad and sister are big coffee fans, unlike me who is obsessed with her tea, they loved the cappuccino and lattes made.

All of the food is organic and usually organic food is expensive. However, it’s really reasonably priced and yummy! I’d recommend the scramble egg 🙂

Lunch –  The Counter

We stopped by here for a late lunch around day 4 of the trip. To be honest, I was really craving some sweet potato fries (it’s hard to go a week without them).  My sister, Aoife, is a huge fan of The Counter in Dublin and as soon as she told me about those sweeeet potatoes I was sold. In my state of hunger I forgot to take a picture of my food, BUT, Aoife remembered to take a quick pic before she dug in. 
Aoife’s recommendation, 1/3 pound chicken with cheddar
and onion! Nom 🙂

I really like this place it has the cafe vibe and since it was a late lunch we could sit outside and take in everything around us.

My recommendation, well if you haven’t guessed by now, sweet potato fries and a cheese burger with a lovely milkshake to wash it all down.

Dinner- Leöpold’s of London

I picked this restaurant for dinner. The restaurant is beside the beach and you have the option of sitting outside or upstairs on the balcony. The view from the balcony is gorgeous especially around sunset. I ordered a barbecue chicken pizza and instead of  choosing a dessert I opted (the tea addict I am) for English Breakfast Tea. What I learned was that Dubai do tea very differently from Ireland.

I was presented with a tray with a timer, a candle  which was placed underneath the tea pot. You set the timer and wait until the tea leaves mix with the hot water. The tea was lovely a lot stronger than my normal Lyon’s or Barry’s but I love a strong cup of tea. So, if you’re ever looking for a cup of tea you should definitely stop by here.








Things to do!


1. Safari Dessert


This experience was by far my favourite. I had never been to terrain like this before and anything you see on television even this picture does not do it justice.  We went with a group called Alpha tours. A driver then picked us up at our hotel. The desert is around an hour outside of Dubai. There is only one stop before entering the desert,which is a small shop but really the driver just wants to let air out of the tyre.
You then get to drive around the sand dunes and desert. We stopped twice to take pictures and it really is breath taking. After the drive, we were dropped off to a small area.  Dotted around the area was small stands where people were selling handmade crafts, people were invited to try on the hijab and local dress. The lady doing henna was selling homemade ink and she told us her story.
A barbecue and drinks were included in the ticket. There was shish kebabs with chicken and beef. Also local delicacies were offered and it was great to try some of the local cuisine instead of the normal food chains or european foods.




After the food was served there was two performances a local dancer and a belly dancer. They really interacted with the crowd and many people were taught how to belly dance (I avoided eye contact here haha) .
The  arabian music and the atmosphere made the night lively. It was probably one of the best nights in Dubai and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen the desert before to go.

2.  Dubai Mall

After watching vlogs on youtube, I knew one of the stops I wanted to make was the Dubai Mall. Oh Boy, this place is I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E
Not only is it the biggest mall in the world but it holds an Aquarium and the entrance to the Burj Khalifa. I was looking for a dress for a special occasion so I popped into coast and BAM found the perfect dress! If I was going to get a dress anywhere it was going to be in the Dubai Mall!
A must for the shopaholic! 🙂







3. Burj Khalifa



The tallest building in the world is Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. I visited this place and the views are breath taking. You can see every inch of Dubai. If you’ve ever been to the empire state building in New York it’s along the same lines. Definitely worth a visit.


4. Burj Al Arab


The second last day we decided to visit the one and only Burj Al Arab. My dad surprised me with tickets to High Tea and it was incredible.

I had never been to high tea before so to say I was excited was a little bit of an understatement . Putting my fanciest dress on, hopped into a taxi and headed towards the Burj Al Arab.

When we arrived we were greeted by door men who directed us into the hotel. Before I walked in I snapped a few selfies (as you do) and took a moment to take everything in.

Gold Lift.
The first thing I noticed was everything, and I mean everything was made out of gold. Even the wet floor sign was made out of gold. The lobby had a huge fountain leading up to the first floor, where we were directed.
Plate Setting

We were then seated at a table and out waiter named, Murin, explained that there would be three courses. The first course was small sandwich’s and sparkling wine/ date juice for under 21’s, like myself .

The second course was scones and a Mocktail/ Cocktail. I opted for a lovely strawberry mocktail! The scones came with various jams and toppings. I wouldn’t recommend eating anything before high tea because I was  getting pretty full!


The third course consisted of your choice of hot beverage and mini cakes and deserts. I got a teapot full of hot chocolate. Some of the desserts were carrot cake, cheese cake ( my favourite). 

Mini cakes.

High Tea is a once in a life time experience. For myself personally it’s not something I go to every week. So I really enjoyed the experience with my family and hey, you’ll get to say you visited the only seven star hotel in the world 🙂

5. Beach

Most hotels based beside the beach have a residential access. My hotel was beside Jumeriah beach and we could walk directly from the hotel onto the hot sand.  I love the beach and the water so I couldn’t wait to spend a day in the sun, sea and sand.

There was water sports stands, camels going up and down the beach and of course the sea was amazing to cool down.
Remember, suncream is your friend.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my Dubai experience. If you want to read more about my travels let me know in the comments below!
Until next time,
Caitríona xo

Wish List for March 2015

Hi guys so this is my first ever wish list on the blog. I really like reading other peoples wish lists  so I decided to add this feature to mine.

I’ll post things that I’ve spotted over a month at a time.  I’ll be posting things like make-up, hair accessories/products, jewellery, books, albums and miscellaneous bits and pieces.

So without further ado here is my March Wish List!

1. No7 Skin Illuminator

I got my hands on some No7 vouchers for my birthday, so the next time I’m in Boots I’ll be picking up this little gem. I’ve heard so many great things about this illuminator and coming into the summer months I love the dewy look!

2.  Contour Powder / Blush Palette

I’ve heard so many good things about this product and when I saw it in action on Exposé, I decided I needed to add it to my makeup collection. I like the fact the palette includes blushes as well as contour powders because it makes it more compact. 

3. MAC Living Legend – Lipstick

I’m a big fan of red lipsticks. I’m a big believer that a red lip can lift your make up! I saw this colour on one of my favourite MUA’s BuffandBlend !
You can find these lipstick in any MAC or Brown Thomas Shop around Ireland!
 Link to buff and Blend’s Facebook  page

4.  Smash box Oil Free Primer

I’m jetting off on my holidays in a few weeks time so I’m looking for make up that lasts in the heat! I’ve read a ton of good reviews about this primer. So I cant wait to test out  this primer in the desert!

5. Ribba Picture Ledge

I’m always looking for ways to make my room more organised. I love my ever-growing  nail polish  collection but I never found a good way of putting them on display, until now. 
While browsing on the ikea website (bad habit), I spotted these guys! I know that they’re picture ledges, but I think they could work as a nail polish display! 

6. ASOS Chunky Cat Eye Sunglasses


I love sunglasses! They can instantly change your outfit! So I really want to add these bad boys to my collection! 
You can find them here:
If you guys buy any of the items on my wish list, please let me know by tagging me on Instagram @yabighamya!
Until next time,
Cait xo

Make Up Don’t Fake Up got a Makeover!


If you’ve been visiting my blog and noticed I haven’t posted in a while, I have a very good reason.
Not only that but you may have noticed I got a makeover. A lovely woman named Jana also known as LittleWebWritingHood was working on my little blog!

For a long time I was unhappy with the appearance of my blog and I felt that it wasn’t representing me 100%. So I did a little research and I found Jana’s shop on Etsy. After reading through her reviews and packages, I was really confident that she could design something unique and something that represented me!
Jana sent me a form to fill out, with what I wanted for my blog and ideas I had! From there she created a header and we chopped and changed until I was happy. It was great because we were in constant contact and Jana had no problem tweaking things until I was happy.
Then Jana went away to work on my test blog and we continued to alter things until I was happy! Jana showed great interest in my blog and I got the feeling that not only was this a job for her, but  that she actually has a genuine passion for it!
After a few days we both agreed that it was time to install. Overnight, just like that Make Up Don’t Fake Up was beautified!
I’m really happy with the end result and if any bloggers out there want to spruce up their blog be sure to get in touch with Jana!

You can find Jana’s Shop on Etsy here –

Until next time,
Cait <3

P.S If you guys want more information about Etsy check out my post here :Etsy-online-shopping-haven