How to fake, fake lashes.

follow url Fake eyelashes are great way to make your eye make up more dramatic. I have been using fake eyelashes for years and I think I’ve mastered the technique of application but I always forget one thing. I never remember to buy them!
Frequently, I’ll be going out with my friends or to a family event and I want to add to my look but I never remember to buy them.

So, I scoured the internet looking for ways to make my eyelashes fuller and longer and I came across a little secret make-up artists use. Baby powder. Yes, you read that correctly.
It gets a little messy so wait until after your lash is done to apply your foundation! I used my sister Aoife to demonstrate 🙂

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What you need

1. Mascara
2. Baby Powder
3. Cotton Buds

So here’s how I did it!

1. Curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler.
2. Apply a few coats of mascara. At the moment I’m using Better than Sex mascara by Too Faced and I’m loving it!
3. Then grab a cotton bud and apply the baby powder on both sides of the lashes.
4. Then apply your mascara and if you have a disposable mascara even better!
5. You’ll notice that your eyelashes are thicker and fuller.

The finished look…

With a little practice you should be able to perfect this trick!
Tag me in your fake lash looks!
Until next time,

Guinness, myth or miracle?

After researching hair remedies online (my hair was feeling a bit dry) I came across an old hair “myth” of sorts, Guinness. Legend has it that Guinness, yes the beer, is good for your mop.
Guinness has barley in it which makes the hair softer and gives your hair a healthier appearance. So hesitantly, I tried it, hey if it’s good enough for Naomi Campbell it’s good enough for me! Robbing a can from my dad’s stash (thanks Richie) I embarked on my hair therapy.
What I’ve learnt :
  1. Make sure the  Guinness is room temperature because otherwise the black stuff is FREEZING in the shower .
  2. You want to leave the Guinness in your hair as long as possible so exfoliate, shave or daydream!
  3. I left the Guinness in my hair for about 5-7mins.
  4. Optional but I used conditioner after washing the Guinness out of my hair because the texture of my hair was quite rough.
Results :
My hair did seem softer when I had finished blowdrying it but overall I was disappointed. So my quest for homemade hair treatments goes on but hey Guinness has it’s other uses!
Until next time,