5 Best Photography Apps.

Wow can you believe it’s 2016? The first post of 2016 is one I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now. These are my favourite apps to edit my photos with or post my pictures on! One of my resolutions is to take more pictures so I thought this post would be appropriate. 
Let me know if you use any of these apps or have any suggestions for me!

1. Instagram 

One of my own personal favourite apps and one that is extremely popular. Instagram is a great way to show snippets of your life through photos. I prefer Instagram over Twitter and Facebook because it is much more visual. 
My Instagram | @makeupdontfakeup

2. Afterlight


Afterlight is a photo editing app. I much prefer it’s filters and effects because you can intensify as much as you wish. 

3. Font Candy 

Font Candy is a great way of adding text to a picture. I use it to add text to birthday collages or to promote my blog. 

4. Layout 

Another app I use for birthdays is Layout. The app was designed in association with Instagram so you can access it through Instagram. It’s a great way to change up photos or add a different dimension.  

5. Whitagram

Whitagram is an app that lets you put borders on your pictures. I love it because it emphasises the focal point of the photo.  Plus it’s free in the app store!

I hope you liked this post it’s a little different from my usual posts! Let me know if you liked it!
Happy reading and tea drinking,
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5 Stocking Fillers Under €20!

Last week’s post was The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2015. So, this week I’ve decided to write about the perfect stocking fillers for different friends we all seem to have! 

The Party Animal


We all have that one friend who is always ready to go. Coming into party season why not help her get into the season with a glam kit. I like this St. Tropez Express Party Cracker because it’s a thoughtful and a useful gift. The packaging is lovely and adds to the Christmas theme.


                       €14.50 |  http://www.boots.ie/en/St-Tropez-Express-Party-Cracker_1700722/

The Selfie Addict

selfie photo: Selfie At Oscars oscars.gif

You’ll usually find this friend looking for some ‘good’ lighting or pulling a pout into the lens of a camera. We’re all guilty of taking selfies (I know I am) but for the friend who is addicted to Instagram this fish eye lens will make your everyday photo look interesting. 

The Friend who is ALWAYS cold

Constantly complaining about how cold it is but never seems to have a scarf or hat or gloves with them. Not only is it thoughtful but you’ll be seen as a hero.

The Beauty Babe

Always on top of the next beauty trend and is full of endless beauty hacks. This friend is always on hand with beauty advice so why not buy her something for her collection. She’ll thank you for it!

€19 | Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss http://www.debenhams.ie/lipgloss

Nail Art Junkie

#notd or #nailartjunkie are one of the many hashtags you’ll see on this gals Instagram posts. 

Breaking a nail is a disaster not to mention if she can’t get her usual nail appointment! So pop this present in and she’ll be bang on trend!

Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit | €11.75 http://www.asos.com/Models-Own-Nail-Art-Tool-Kit

I hope you liked this post! Let me know in the comments if you’ve bought any of these stocking fillers or if you found them useful!

Happy reading & tea drinking,

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Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2015.

Lots of these types of posts have been floating around the web and I’ve decided to join in. Yes, I know it’s still november and some of you are are like
rolling eyes photo: Rolling eyes 02 944a78c2.gif
                                                                    or want to do this

                             bah humbug photo:  stunner13-1.gif

but if you’re anything like me, you’ll look like this at the mention of the C word.
elf movie photo: Jumping jumping.gif  

Men’s Gift Guide 

  1. Scratch Map | €22 http://www.internationalbooks.ie/scratchmap
  2. Manfrotto Tripod | €24.99 http://www.harveynorman.ie/manfrotto-pixi-white-tripod.html
  3. Daniel Wellington St Mawes Men’s Watch | €119 http://www.fields.ie/watches/daniel-wellington/
  4. Nespresso Coffee Machine | €119.96 http://www.harveynorman.ie/-nespresso-coffee-machine/
  5. Skydive | €299 http://skydive.ie/shop/training-assisted-free-fall/
  6. Parrot A.R Drone 2.0 Power Edition | €349  http://www.harveynorman.ie/drones/
  7. Recording Session | Varied http://www.apstudios.net/gift-vouchers/

Women’s Gift Guide 

  1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn | €14.20 http://www.easons.com/p-626774-gone-girl.aspxi
  2. Once Upon A Time Series | €20 http://www.hmv.ie/Once-Upon-a-Time-
  3. iPhone 6 | €24 http://eu.riverisland.com/women/phonecases
  4. Benefit Advent Calendar |  https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/
  5. River Island Handbag | €55 http://eu.riverisland.com/women/bags–purses/
  6. Asos Penguin Onesie | €55.88 http://www.asos.com/asos-christmas-penguin-onesie
  7. Viktor Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume | €80.10 http://www.boots.ie/Viktor-Rolf-Flowerbomb-
I hope you enjoyed this post! A stocking filler post will be featured next week.
Happy reading and tea drinking,
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I Love Autumn Tag.

This week’s post is a little different from my usual posts. It’s a mixture between the best things about Autumn and a get to know me post. I couldn’t find a definite list of questions so I’ve taken the liberty of taking questions from a few autumnal tags!    🙂
 I’ve tagged fellow bloggers at the bottom so be sure to check them out!

1.Favourite Autumn Lip Product?

Credit: Polyvore

My favourite lip product would have to be a MAC lipstick called Hang Up. It’s a rich burgundy colour that instantly reminds me of this time of year!

2. Favourite Autumn Nail Colour?

I don’t have one particular nail colour that I love but burgundy,red and orange colours are among the colours I  frequently wear. Above is a picture of my nails now, Nadia from Gel Nails Dublin  did them and I am in love.

3. Favourite Autumn Drink?

 Surprise surprise I would have to say my favourite drink would have to be the classic cup of tae. I’ve never been a fan of coffee so a hot cup of tea on a cold night suits me fine!

4. Favourite Autumn Candle?

I don’t have a particular candle that I burn around this time of year but light a vanilla scented candle and I’m happy!


5.Favourite Make Up Look?

Credit: scontent-a-vie.xx.fbcdn.net
I love love love gold smokey eyes this time of year. I usually use my Naked Palette 2 or 3 to achieve a golden look.

6. Favourite Autumn Accessory?

My favourite wine wooly hat. It keeps me warm and is neutral enough to match with most of my clothes!

7. Favourite Halloween Movie?

Halloween Town is a classic Halloween movie that I watch nearly every year. I hate scary movies so I avoid them like the plague.

8. Favourite Halloween Sweets? 

Credit: kneadysweetie.com

No doubt about it toffee popcorn is my favourite Halloween sweet. It seems to be a seasonal treat and when I see a bag I have to dig in.

9. What are you dressing up for Halloween as?

I haven’t fully decided what I would like to dress up as for halloween but last year I dressed up as Cruella de Vil and I had so much fun!

10. What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

Credit : republican-princess

I suppose my favourite thing about Autumn definitely is the style. I loved the layered look and wrapping up with scarfs and hats is my favourite part.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’d like to tag

Until next time,
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