Must Have Spring Products 2014.

This Spring’s must haves you won’t want to miss!

1.Hair Chalk – The Body Shop

Ever been afraid to take the leap and throw a crazy colour in you hair? Well fear not, The Body Shop have come up with hair chalk’s including the colour’s pink and blue. No commitment, no regret. When you’re sick of it, wash it out. It’s a great way to experiment without breaking the bank or regretting it. Hair Chalk is only € 11.95 so keep an eye out girls!

2. Out with Red in with Bright Orange
The lips are on fire, the name says it all. Catrice have brought this low cost lipstick out for Spring that you can pick it up online or in Penney’s! It’s great because it’s pigmented and creamy! Put that red lipstick down and try something new, you never know you might like it.
3. Glowy Skin – Beat it Matte
In winter we see a lot of matt foundations, lipsticks and blushes. However this Spring the focus is on making your skin seem brighter. I love this trend because you’re make up isn’t as heavy. With the weather getting brighter it’s nice to see your makeup following suit. I use products like W7’s Shimmer Compact and Benefit’s High beam to achieve a highlighted look! You can buy High beam from Debenhams in store or online for
€ 27.50!


Spring 2014 Trend – Pastels.

Words cannot describe how happy I am, to see that pastels are making a come back in spring 2014! Throw those dark clothes in the back of your closet! Spring is nearly here! Here are some of my favourite pastel looks!
1.Sumiko Long Sleeved Collar Dress in Baby Pink – Missguided. This is my number one for a reason! I love love love the retro feel to this dress and the fact that it’s retro without looking like something from mamo’s closet! Not Penney’s prices but not far off!
2. Rowie Moss Stich Jumper – Apricot –
If you aren’t sure that pastels are for you then this jumper is you! Jumpers are the easiest way to add a little colour into your wardrobe without spending ridiculous amounts of money on something you’ll wear once or twice! I love this jumper from boohoo because it’s so wearable you could wear it to college or out to drinks with your friends with the right dress or skirt! At  15 euro you can’t go wrong! 
3. Accessories, accessories,accessories. I cannot emphasize enough how much accessories can change a whole outfit! Cheap and cheerful,  accessories are a great way to give an outfit oomph! This hat from asos for a tenner, is a nice way to brighten up your outfit. Face it we live in Ireland, it’ll be cold so wrap up in style!
Tip : Use sites like that give students (like moi) discount codes to use on sites like, Asos, Missguided and Riverisland! Give it a bash, not to sound like tesco but “every little helps…” ( It really does)
Side note : These are just some of my ideas on how to try a style out , if you find cheaper options please let me know!
Thank You for reading! 🙂