Skint or Minted?

I will forever scroll through online boutiques or stroll through shops for a bargain. There are many items of clothing or accessories which if copied look cheap. However, I’m a firm believer that you can take inspiration from certain styles and those styles can be incorporated into affordable prices.

So you’ve spotted these amazing boots and they’ll look great at the Christmas party but wait, you’re so far away from pay day.
no photo: SAM NO SAMNO.gif

So you’re like …

need photo:  National-Treasure-Im-going-to-steal-it_zpscc7a13f0.gif

 but then you read this post and you realise all is well in the world 
and maybe just maybe you can buy those boots after all.

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1. Over The Knee Boot

Over the knee boots are everywhere these days and I love them. Like most trends the over the knee boot faze won’t last forever.

1. €80.88

2. €36.99

2. Denim Mini Skirt

A trend that we has crossed over from the Summer is the denim skirt. I love that it has lasted different seasons because you know that when you purchase it, it won’t go out of style in a matter of weeks. I bought mine at the end of the summer and I love it!

1. €42.65

2. €24

3. The Cape

I LOVE this trend. I bought this Penneys version on the right. Such a bargain and so wearable this time of year!

1.  €49

2. €19 from Penneys.

4. Hats

Another big trend we saw moving from one season to another was the floppy hat. I picked it up in Penneys a few weeks ago and I love it. This is a great way to add colour to an outfit and a colour that will always stay on trend!

1. €37
2. €10 in Penneys.

5. Ankle Grazers 

As a short gal these jeans are a godsend! Jeans always scrunch up at the bottom so I’m loving how these fit me to a T!

1. €52

2. €27

happy reading & tea drinking,
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June favourites



I know I’m late and it’s already 8th of July (yikes!!) However, I thought I’d give you an update on the products I’m using and items I’m loving. So here are my June favorites 🙂

I love this t shirt I picked up in Penneys for €8.
Barry M’s Gelly High Shine in Grapefruit.




Vanilla, Kitschmas, Pink, Push the edge and Grey are some of the MAC pigments I purchased last month. I haven’t had a chance to use them all but I’m smitten with vanilla.

Garnier  Micellar Water has fast become one of my regulars in my skin care routine! I love how its mostly made out of water and how soft it makes my skin feel.



The happiest place in the world aka Disneyland. I’ve been before and it was great to be back. I think because I was older I was able to appreciate the experience more. Anyone who knows me know that I love Disney!



Also I got to wear my Disney top from Penneys 🙂
So that wraps it up for my June favorites! Let me know if we share any !
Happy reading,
Caitríona xo


Get the look – Alexa Chung.


Alexa Chung is fast becoming one of the most influential women in the fashion industry. Her famous locks paired with her quirky style has attracted attention from both the fashion critics and everyday girls like me. Type her name in to google and you won’t be long finding pictures of her front row beside fashions most influential contributors. To top it all off, her book ‘It’ where she describes her inspirations is a best seller.

However, the question really is ‘Can we pull off the Alexa look without emptying our bank accounts?’ The answer? Well, we can certainly try!

I’ve pulled three of my favourite looks and found budget friendly alternatives.

 Look 1.




Dress – New Look €19.99
Tan Satchel – Asos €34.25
Shoes –  New Look €24.99


Look 2.



Dress – Asos €32.88
Shoes – Penneys €8
Jacket – Missguided €49
Bag – Penneys €10

Look 3. 

Bag – Penneys €8,D1757741120150104

Shoes – Topshop £28

So, these are my tips to perfect Alexa’s Look!
If you would like to see more of these posts in the future let me know in the comments.
Until next time! Caitríona xo

Penneys Haul May 2015

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I love Penneys. I love reading other peoples posts and I have a habit of looking at Penneys or Primark hauls on Youtube. So without further ado these are some of the pieces I have picked up over the last month!


First things first I’m the realest (sorry). I’m heading on holiday to Florida in a months time so I picked up these cute t-shirts for during the day.



Red Striped Top €6


Life’s A Beach €6


Grey Cami €3


Disney Princess Top €8


I really can’t wait to wear this princess top in Disneyland 🙂



The P.S I LOVE YOU brand have released new skin care products. I picked up a few of them to try them out. I really like the nose strips and I have yet to try out the eye mask.

Pore Strips €1.50
Eye Patches €1.50

Macadamia Oil Hask Hair Mask

Macadamia Oil €2


In-between visits to the hairdresser  I love using hair masks. I know when I’m getting split ends I love using them because they make my hair soft and shiny!

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water
Cleanser €4.50

I  have heard of this product so much over the last few months that I had to give it a go myself. It’s a water based cleanser so you don’t have to wash your face after. I can see what everyone is raving about! This had quickly become one of my favourite skin care products and this is the second bottle I have bought.


My favourite item on the haul has to be this neon pink clear make up bag. It’ll be so handy for travelling 🙂

Make up bag €4

I have become obsessed with pearls. Not only have I become obsessed with pearls but penney’s have too (lucky me)! So when I saw these pearls I had to pick them up such a bargain 🙂

Pearl Earrings €1.50
So there we have it my first Penney’s haul! If you would like to see more of these kind of posts let me know on Facebook or Twitter!
Until next time,
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The Student Shopping Survival Guide.

As Dolly Parton once said “it takes a lot of money to look this good” maybe thats not quite right oh what is it? look this cheap? Whatever, all I know is that is really does take a lot of money to look good. Student life for most students is trying to decide what to spend money on. Battle of the food vs night out with the gals begins.

I LOVE shopping and I take any chance to run to the nearest Penneys, H&M or River Island. Unfortunately, when I get to the shops reality hits. Do I really want to spend €35 on a colour block top? The Answer NO, but will I, probably.

So, these are my student shopping survival guide tips. Remember stay savvy.

1. Unidays


Unidays is every students haven. It has discount codes for hundreds of shops. All you have to do is sign up and register what college you attend! Unfortunately you can only get one code a day 🙁 However, shop close to midnight and you’ll have a new code soon after!

2. Depop

Depop is amazing for selling your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories. I heard when about the app when I saw fellow bloggers using it. It’s a great way to sell clothes that you wanted to return but lost the receipt or even christmas presents that don’t fit (cheeky I know)

I love scanning through the app when I have a few €€€. You can download the app free from the app store!

My depop name is @meiscait <3

Mine ^  (don’t judge the photo)

3. Student Card

Every student owns a student card. Use it. It gets you discounts everywhere and they really come in handy.

4. Vintage Markets

Since I commute between Dublin (home) and Galway (college). I decided to share the two vintage markets I know.

Dublin Flea Market


I was lucky enough to find this gem when my dad had a stand selling bikes here. I would go around on my ‘break’ and find little purses and t-shirts that were homemade or one off. I really loved the idea of finding one off pieces and I wasn’t paying a fortune for it. The flea market is on the last Sunday of every month. Even if you just go once you’ll be sure to find something.


Galway – Flea Style Market


I saw the Galway flea style market on Facebook. I trolled through the Facebook page first and what I saw I really like. They keep the page updated regularly and do give aways. They also post some of the quirky items they sell. I’d recommend checking this place out! Check out dates on their Facebook page!


5. Become a Hawk.


Hawk  ^

Not literally but do follow your favourite shops on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Then, when they are offering 20% discounts you can snap them up straight away.

Remember kids, stay savvy.
Best of luck,
Caitríona out -mic drop-  xo
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How to recreate those Metball looks!

Watching and waiting for the Met Gala has become an annual ritual for me. The two reasons I love it are the themes which inspire so many crazy outfits and celebrities perspective on said theme! This years theme was ‘China through the looking glass’. I felt that many celebrities didn’t follow the theme but for those who did, they definitely stood out.

Looking at some of the outfits I decided to recreate them and make them a little more wearable. So, if you’re looking to create these Met Gala looks, look no further.

1. Emma Roberts

Emma wore a lovely emerald green dress and I found this gorgeous dress on Asos! Both dresses are quite simialar in colour and material!
2. Emily Ratajkowski


This look is super tasteful! I love the length and the white makes Emily really stand out from other Metball looks!  This AX Paris dress is featured on the rocketdoll website!

3.  Kim K


Not everyones favourite look of the night but you have to appreciate the beading and sequence that is on the work dress. Something that I was looking for in the recreate dress. This Needle and Thread dress is beautiful. Similar to the MB dress it has intricate beading and sequence!

4.  Cara Delevingne

As usual Cara always stands out. Not following the crowd Cara decided to rock a jumpsuit with a daring cherry blossom which tied into the theme. I have to admire the girl for her bravery!

5. Rihanna

This dress is really capturing everyone’s attention and Rihanna is one of few women that could pull off such a bold look. I LOVE the colour! Rihanna was one of the few celebrities that actually choose a Chinese designer and in the asian countries the colour yellow is associated with royalty.  Move over queen bey. This Asos dress really captures the colour!

6. Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Rosie stunned in a nude gown! I found a similar nude dress with lace detailed trim on for a whopping €27! Such a steal.

7.  Selena Gomez



Last but not least my favourite look of the night was definitely Selena Gomez. She looked stunning in a white figure hugging gown! I had serious trouble trying to find a dress that was up to standard and did it justice. I found this little gem, a BCBG Max Azaria dress on Asos!


What was your favourite Metball look? Let me know down below in the comment!
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